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Nora Alkhalij At A Glance.

At Nora Al Khalij we strive daily to provide our customers with the best quality on the market at
affordable and reasonable price points. We are well known for our sharp delivery timings as
requested by our customers.

Our Mission

Is to provide the very best quality on the market at reasonable price points. With
on-time deliveries with no delays whatsoever.

Our Vision

Is to establish worldwide trade to cater for each and every customer. And to
achieve the needs and wants of our customers

Who are we?

Nora Alkhalij was founded in 2013 by Dr. Abdulkader Alrezqi. It started as a sole proprietorship in Saudi Arabia, importing medical supplies from vast regions around the world (i.e China, Malaysia, India). In 2017, Mr. Mohammed Algarni saw the potential in our company, and joined as a partner, as a result we started taking a better approach towards the way we do business.

Our Staff


General Manager,

Eng. Mohammed Algarni

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